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A formal grammar is a free monoidal category with words and rules as boxes.

Formal grammars are also known as string rewriting or semi-Thue systems, they
were introduced by Thue :cite:`Thue14`.

The parsing problem is to decide, given two strings, whether there exists a
diagram from one to the other. It has been shown to be undecidable by Post
:cite:`Post47` and Markov :cite:`Markov47`.


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>>> s, n, v, p = map(Ty, "SNVP")
>>> r0, r1 = Rule(n @ p, s), Rule(v @ n, p)
>>> Jane, loves, John = Word('Jane', n), Word('loves', v), Word('John', n)
>>> sentence = Jane @ loves @ John >> n @ r1 >> r0
>>> sentence.draw(figsize=(4, 3), path='docs/_static/grammar/cfg-example.png')

.. image:: /_static/grammar/cfg-example.png
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from discopy import monoidal
from discopy.monoidal import Ty  # noqa: F401
from discopy.utils import factory_name

[docs] class Rule(monoidal.Box): """ A rule is a box with monoidal types as ``dom`` and ``cod`` and an optional ``name``. Parameters: dom : The domain of the rule, i.e. its input. cod : The codomain of the rule, i.e. its output. name : The name of the rule, empty by default. """ def __init__(self, dom: monoidal.Ty, cod: monoidal.Ty, name: str = None, **params): name = f"Rule({dom}, {cod})" if name is None else name monoidal.Box.__init__(self, name, dom, cod, **params) def __repr__(self): name = f", name={!r}" if else "" return factory_name(type(self)) + f"({self.dom!r}, {self.cod!r}{name})"
[docs] class Word(Rule): """ A word is a rule with a ``name``, a grammatical type as ``cod`` and an optional domain ``dom``. Parameters: name : The name of the word. cod : The grammatical type of the word. dom : An optional domain for the word, empty by default. """ def __init__(self, name: str, cod: monoidal.Ty, dom: monoidal.Ty = None, **params): dom = self.ty_factory() if dom is None else dom Rule.__init__(self, dom=dom, cod=cod, name=name, **params) def __repr__(self): dom = f", dom={repr(self.dom)}" if self.dom else "" return factory_name(type(self))\ + f"({repr(}, {repr(self.cod)}{dom})"