This page collects talks that featured a demonstration of DisCoPy.

QNLP 2022#

A short demonstration of DisCoPy at QNLP 2022.

QPL 2021#

An introduction to diagrammatic differentiation, presented at QPL 2021.

PyData Berlin#

The talk introduces DisCoPy to the community of Python data scientists.

ACT 2020#

The paper introducing DisCoPy was presented at Applied Category Theory 2020.

QNLP 2020#

The first demo of DisCoPy experiments on quantum hardware was presented at QNLP 2020 see the corresponding notebook qnlp-experiment.

QNLP 2019#

The first demo of DisCoPy was presented at the first QNLP workshop see the corresponding notebooks alice-loves-bob and bob-is-rich.