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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

The free balanced category, i.e. diagrams with braids and a twist.


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The axiom for the twist holds on the nose.

>>> x, y = Ty('x'), Ty('y')
>>> assert Diagram.twist(x @ y) == (Braid(x, y)
...     >> Twist(y) @ Twist(x) >> Braid(y, x))
>>> Diagram.twist(x @ y).draw(path="docs/_static/balanced/twist.png")

.. image:: /_static/balanced/twist.png

from __future__ import annotations

from discopy import monoidal, braided, traced
from import factory
from discopy.monoidal import Ty
from discopy.utils import factory_name, assert_isatomic

[docs]@factory class Diagram(braided.Diagram, traced.Diagram): """ A balanced diagram is a braided diagram with :class:`Twist`. Parameters: inside(Layer) : The layers inside the diagram. dom (monoidal.Ty) : The domain of the diagram, i.e. its input. cod (monoidal.Ty) : The codomain of the diagram, i.e. its output. Note ---- By default, our balanced diagrams are traced. Although not every balanced category embeds faithfully into a traced one (see the `nLab`_), the free balanced category does have the desired cancellation property and it does in fact embed faithfully into the free balanced traced category. .. _nLab: """ __ambiguous_inheritance__ = True
[docs] @classmethod def twist(cls, dom: monoidal.Ty) -> Diagram: """ The twist on an object. Parameters: dom : The domain of the twist. Note ---- This calls :attr:`twist_factory`. """ if len(dom) == 0: return return cls.braid(dom[0], dom[1:])\ >> cls.twist(dom[1:]) @ cls.twist_factory(dom[0])\ >> cls.braid(dom[1:], dom[0])
[docs] def to_braided(self): """ Doubles evry object and sends the twist to the braid. Example ------- >>> x = Ty('x') >>> braided_twist = Diagram.twist(x).to_braided() >>> from discopy.drawing import Equation >>> Equation(Twist(x), braided_twist, symbol='$\\\\mapsto$').draw( ... draw_type_labels=False, ... path="docs/_static/balanced/twist_dual_rail.png") .. image:: /_static/balanced/twist_dual_rail.png """ class DualRail(Functor): cod = braided.Category() def __call__(self, other): if isinstance(other, Twist): braid = braided.Braid(other.dom, other.dom) return braid >> braid return super().__call__(other) return DualRail(lambda x: x @ x, lambda f:
[docs]class Box(braided.Box, traced.Box, Diagram): """ A braided box is a monoidal box in a braided diagram. Parameters: name (str) : The name of the box. dom (monoidal.Ty) : The domain of the box, i.e. its input. cod (monoidal.Ty) : The codomain of the box, i.e. its output. """ __ambiguous_inheritance__ = (braided.Box, traced.Box)
[docs]class Braid(braided.Braid, Box): """ Braid in a balanced category. """
class Trace(traced.Trace, Box): """ A trace in a balanced category. Parameters: arg : The diagram to trace. left : Whether to trace the wires on the left or right. See also -------- :meth:`Diagram.trace` """ __ambiguous_inheritance__ = (traced.Trace, )
[docs]class Twist(Box): """ The twist on atomic type :code:`dom`. Parameters: dom : the domain of the twist. phase: the phase of the twist in integer multiples of ``2 * pi``. Important --------- :class:`Twist` is only defined for atomic types (i.e. of length 1). For complex types, use :meth:`Diagram.twist` instead. """ def __init__(self, dom: monoidal.Ty, is_dagger=False): assert_isatomic(dom, monoidal.Ty) name = type(self).__name__ + f"({dom})" Box.__init__(self, name, dom, dom, is_dagger=is_dagger) def __repr__(self): if self.is_dagger: return repr(self.dagger()) + ".dagger()" return factory_name(type(self)) + f"({self.dom!r})" def dagger(self): return type(self)(self.dom, not self.is_dagger)
[docs]class Sum(braided.Sum, Box): """ A balanced sum is a braided sum and a balanced box. Parameters: terms (tuple[Diagram, ...]) : The terms of the formal sum. dom (Ty) : The domain of the formal sum. cod (Ty) : The codomain of the formal sum. """ __ambiguous_inheritance__ = (braided.Sum, )
[docs]class Category(braided.Category, traced.Category): """ A braided category is a monoidal category with a method :code:`braid`. Parameters: ob : The objects of the category, default is :class:`Ty`. ar : The arrows of the category, default is :class:`Diagram`. """ ob, ar = Ty, Diagram
[docs]class Functor(braided.Functor, traced.Functor): """ A balanced functor is a braided functor that twists. Parameters: ob (Mapping[monoidal.Ty, monoidal.Ty]) : Map from :class:`monoidal.Ty` to :code:`cod.ob`. ar (Mapping[Box, Diagram]) : Map from :class:`Box` to :code:``. cod (Category) : The codomain, :code:`Category(Ty, Diagram)` by default. """ dom = cod = Category(Ty, Diagram) def __call__(self, other): if isinstance(other, Twist): return if isinstance(other, Trace): return traced.Functor.__call__(self, other) return braided.Functor.__call__(self, other)
class Hypergraph(traced.Hypergraph): category, functor = Category, Functor Diagram.hypergraph_factory = Hypergraph Diagram.braid_factory = Braid Diagram.twist_factory = Twist Diagram.trace_factory = Trace Diagram.sum_factory = Sum Id =